Sketches on a train


I’m going to start posting my doodles. I follow the incredible Chris Riddell and love seeing him share his little, everyday sketches so am taking my inspiration from the master.

Yesterday, I was on the train coming back up to the grim North from London (it’s not really grim, it’s great, I am a Yorkshire advocate) and to pass the time I was having a good old doodle in my Moleskine. Here are my doodles…


It’s Etsy time!


Hammer time? No. ETSY time! Yay! It’s been a while coming but I am now selling on Etsy. Joy beyond joy, I found an incredible printer in Knight Graphics at Sowerby Bridge who is now setting up my illustrations so that I can start selling them. I will be building up my store as and when I am able, so please bear with me! They are incredible quality giclee prints on lovely archival paper. Each one will be signed and well-packaged so if you fancy a little bit of original art for your home or a gift, please get in touch either via my Etsy shop or through Facebook.


Messing about with Indian Inks…

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I bought some Indian Ink a few months back and hadn’t had a chance to use it properly, so when I started on a little drawing of my beautiful friend for her hen do party, I decided it was time to get out the inks. 

Apart from the fact that they are like gorgeous little jewels in their own right, I was too sure what to expect from them.

As soon as I started to lay them down on the paper I fell in love! They are amazing. They are so vibrant. I really love the clarity of them. They are perfect for the more cartoon-y (making up words here) elements. 

Here’s my lovely friend Helen, reimagined as a Helen / Lucille Ball entity.