Sketches for a character

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Messing about today, tying to develop a female character. I find the process of creating a character is different dependent on what works for me at the time. Sometimes I draw them first, sometimes I write them first.  Either way, the one will compliment the other and I can start to ‘layer’ this little person. More often than not, there’s something of me in these little people. I suspect it’s the part of me that as an 8 year old, took the corpse of a vole in to school to pretend it was my pet. The girl that asked if my friends wanted to come and see my ‘sleeping’ mouse that I kept in a glass jar in my coat pocket. The girl whose Mum had to knit a robin to sew on to the shoulder of my school jumper, just so I had a little friend who ‘got’ my imaginary world.



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