Using Adobe Illustrator

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Dear Diary, (or infact, WordPress blog).

Yay-hey! Wooooo- hoo!!!! Ok, so I thought I’d give it a go trying to get some of my sketches into digital format. Here’s my first attempt at transferring a handcoloured sketch into Illustrator and working over the top of it digitally. I have still got so bloody far to go and there is SO MUCH to learn. It’s blimmin’ overwhelming!



Untitled-1111-1 jpg

Yep. This tiny sketch has taken me about 12 hours over 3 days and you won’t believe the intricacies of some of this stuff. BUT! I have finally grasped a rudimentary (i.e. for simpletons) understanding of LAYERS! They aren’t the capricious and malevolent force I suspected them to be. They are things of genius!

Do watch in the next few weeks, as I blunder through a catalogue of embarrassments as I try to self teach myself what I need to know…




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