Messing about with Indian Inks…

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I bought some Indian Ink a few months back and hadn’t had a chance to use it properly, so when I started on a little drawing of my beautiful friend for her hen do party, I decided it was time to get out the inks. 

Apart from the fact that they are like gorgeous little jewels in their own right, I was too sure what to expect from them.

As soon as I started to lay them down on the paper I fell in love! They are amazing. They are so vibrant. I really love the clarity of them. They are perfect for the more cartoon-y (making up words here) elements. 

Here’s my lovely friend Helen, reimagined as a Helen / Lucille Ball entity.



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Here’s another little go on Illustrator.

It’s not rocket science. Just a little sketch when I was thinking about how we’re losing some of our knowledge to our devices.  I don’t pretend to have any grandiose ideas about this. I use it just as much as anyone else. I just think we seem to think in ‘meme’s’ these days. A nice little quote from Gandhi here, a pocket version of the Kierkegaard there. Everything is so easy, we’re handed knowledge on a plate. We’re all so clever but few of us seem to think anymore…..

Here’s a little corker from Epictetus:


philosophy garbage.jpg

He’s right isn’t he, old Epictetus. What a bloody legend! I bet he’s Greek. Those Greeks were ruddy clever……

But don’t forget, Epictetus ate babies or did he???  Nobody knows, but we do enjoy a nice little Google search that makes us look well-read. Or not, as the case may be.


Happy meme finding….



Eee…. where’s the harm in that?

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In my head it goes something like this:

Traditional illustration policeman: ‘Excuse me Miss, can we look in your bag please?’

Me: ‘I’m sorry?!’

Traditional illustration policeman: ‘We have reason to suspect you may be carrying contraband’

Me: ‘Ha! Me? No…… What makes you think that’

Traditional illustration policeman: ‘Well, it’s the shifty way you’re walking to be honest. Something’s not right. You look as if you may be trying to do non-traditional illustration’

Me: ‘I can’t believe this. I have rights you know!’

Traditional illustration policeman: (Smiling sagely to his colleague) ‘Yeah love, riiiiggghhhht. Anyway, if you just let me have a look in the bag’

Me: (Reluctantly handing over my bag) ‘Uuuggghhhh…..’

Traditional illustration policeman: (Pulling out a copy of Adobe Illustrator) ‘Just what I thought’.

Me: (Protests) ‘ What? NO! Ha ha! It’s not mine….I don’t know how it got there! Someone else packed my bag!’ BALLS!’

Traditional illustration policeman: ‘Thought we’d have a go at a little computer illustration did we? Yeah, the law doesn’t apply to you does it, love? You’re Daddy’s special little girl, aren’t you?’

Me: ‘No! You’ve got it wrong! I love watercolours. I love the feel of the paper! You can’t beat a good blend and wash! Honestly officer! I just wanted to have a little go, just to see what’s it’s like!’

Traditional illustration policeman: ‘Yes, well that’s how it starts isn’t it? A couple of vectors here and there. A couple of Live Paint effects and you’re moving on to the harder stuff. You’re going on to layers, importing your ‘real’ art and before you know it that’s it! You’re not an illustrator anymore, you’re a Graphic Designer.’

Me: ‘I’m sorry! (Hangs head and whispers) I need help….’


Before Christmas, I started to use Adobe Illustrator to see what it’s like and I felt a bit ‘soiled’ and ‘dirty’ but all that has gone. It is incredible. Obviously very different but I am loving experimenting.  So you may see a few little computer illustrations thrown in as I learn to use to behemoth….. This one made me giggle:

Poop poop



I ❤️ Fairytales

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Once upon a time there was a girl with straggly brown hair and green eyes that looked tired most of the time. She lived in the deepest, darkest part of the Shire and liked to spend her days dawdling, drawing pictures and writing stories. When she was about 8 years old she found a broken and bruised book in her parent’s book case called ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’. She opened it up and inside there were stories about Giants and Crones, beautiful milk maids and dwarves and ladies of the lake. There were a lot of words but in between were amazing pictures that intrigued and repulsed in equal measures.

I remember being that little girl. Seeing those Arthur Rackham plates in the book and reading these wonderfully creepy stories were my first real interactions with Fairy Tales and they started a life long obsession with the weird and wonderful.

If only life were a fairytale….. where we could try to avoid being cooked alive in house made of sweets or being eaten whole by a ravenous old wolf….if only….