A lesson in flourescence, dead artists and car boot sales

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I keep squeezing that comfort zone, bending it, warping it… it’s so much fun to go back to the essence of all this and explore and have fun.

A little story about dead people:

My Husband and I love to spend our Sunday mornings getting up and going hunting at car boot sales for vintage art and records. We have got some absolute beauties in the past. But one day this summer, I came across a haul of artist materials: brushes, oils, pastels, technical pens… the list goes on, literally boxes of stuff. The guy wanted £10 for it all. I have bought a couple of coffees for not much less than that before. I duly handed over my money and picked up the stuff. He explained that an artist had died and they had come from a house clearance. I thought this was really moving. I spoke to the guy, the dead artist. Told him I would do his materials justice and how much I appreciated what he had left for me. It felt like a connection. And in the spirit of continuing to push my comfort zone, I had a go with his Conte Crayons last night. They flouresce! No, they don’t really. But they look like they do! I love them. Here’s the results. Thank you, dear anonymous dead artist friend. We’re keeping the circle of self expression going.

Think I also picked up a nice early Procol Harum record that day too…